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This quote from Richard Feynman sums up my attitude about teaching photographic lighting. Unless there is a very specific look or effect you are going after, I don't see great value in the "put the light here" with no explanation of why. I want you to understand the whys and hows and then decide for yourself where to put the light to gain the effect(s) you desire. Understanding how light works will help you solve problems and come up with new ideas.

Over the years I created a few videos about lighting that are posted on Youtube. Here I have assembled a list and links to them. I hope you find them fun and educational.


Defining Soft Light (6:24):
How do you define soft light? Is it the lighting pattern? The shadow edges? The contrast? Let's look at each of these in this presentation.

Controlling highlights and hot spots (5:38):
Having trouble with blown out highlights? Catchlights in the eyes too bright and intense? Shadows too bright? You can control the specular highlights by bringing your lights in closer. Here is an explanation that goes along with my previous video about lighting misconceptions

Lighting Misconceptions (24:20):
Soft light, contrast, diffusion, hot spots, reflections. Oh my! Let's go over some of the basics of controlling light in the studio. 

Intro to Electronic Flash (34:41):
Basic introduction to electronic flash

Let there be dark (limiting light and controlling contrast) (38:41):
A presentation on using grids, snoots, barndoors, spotlights, and the like to add drama to studio photographs.

Diffusion Confusion (46:14):
Diffusion and soft light. A presentation on studio lighting and the use of diffusion on our lights. Covers diffusion, environmental fill, controlling hot spots and more.

Light Control (34:04):
Light control. Light quality. Soft light. Hard Light. Contrast. Direction. Distance. How do these all come together? This is a presentation I have given on the Properties of Light. Don't be afraid to go inside and work in a studio environment. My studio is my living room. An introduction to how light works, not where to place your lights. Let you, your mood, and your client inform the lighting, not the other way around.

Feathering the Light (3:58):
What does it mean to feather the light? What does feathering do to the light? Does feathering soften the light? Find out in this short video tutorial

What is Soft Light? (8:01):
What is soft light? How do we achieve it? John Cornicello talks about quality of light in this video clip.




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Educational Content As you have probably noticed,  the website has undergone a major overhaul and move to a new host. 

Unfortunately, my old blog posts did not make the transition. That's actually a mixed blessing. There was a lot of old stale and outdated content that I am happy to see go away. But there was also some good educational content about lighting and lenses. Fortunately, in the past couple of years I had started posting more educational content over at (and you can help support the site there, too, if so inclined). 

And I have a few videos available over on YouTube:

Talking about photographic/camera lenses

Controlling highlights with light to subject distance

Defining "Soft Light" (Size Matters)

Misconceptions and confusion about photographic lighting

Understanding Camera Lenses

Introduction to Electronic Flash

Let There Be Dark - Limiting light in the studio (controlling contrast)

Diffusion Confusion

Light Control

Controlling Depth of Field

Lenses and Perspective in Photography

Dolly Vs. Zoom and Perspective in Photography

Distance In Photography

Depth of Field in Photography

Balancing the Boom Arm

Mirrorless Cameras with Studio Flash

Distance: Lenses & Perspective

Feathering the Light

Light Modifiers & Environment

Learning To Light: Soft Light





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In Natural Light - A folio of fine art images by John Cornicello You can purchase my latest folio of fine art photography at


"John's work is a testament to the capture of two souls feeling and discovering. His use of portraiture in each series is paramount in his understanding and show how important the relationship is with each model. I must say they are not models, they are family and John has shown this with his ultimate skill."

--Kim Weston
--WIldcat Hill, Carmel CA 2023

In Natural Light photography by John Cornicello In Natural LightA folio of fine art photography by John Cornicello

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John Cornicello' Photo Conversations From April 2020 to February 2021 I hosted a series of Zoom meetings that were either educational presentations on lighting or Conversations with Photographers. These are all archived on Youtube. Here is a list of the guests or topics of each Conversation with a link to the recording on Youtube.

conversation guestsconversation guests

Apr 14 - Light Control
Light control. Light quality. Soft light. Hard Light. Contrast. Direction. Distance. How do these all come together? This is a presentation I have given on the Properties of Light. Don't be afraid to go inside and work in a studio environment. My studio is my living room. An introduction to how light works, not where to place your lights. Let you, your mood, and your client inform the lighting, not the other way around. 

Apr 23 - Dan Cuny
Dan is a long-time photo industry pro having worked for Sinar/Bron, the MAC Group, Profoto and more. He is also an avid collector of cameras and vintage photographs and just about anything else that is photography related. 

Apr 27 - working with models
A conversational Q&A session with Seattle models Emerald Lady and Bravo Charlie talking about working with photographers. 

Apr 30 - Andrew Scrivani
Bring your questions about food photography for Andrew. Check out his new book, That Photo Makes Me Hungry

May 4 - Ken Yu
The life of a digi tech and photo assistant

May 7 - Tony Corbell
Bring your questions to this open Q&A with Tony Corbell and John Cornicello. 

May 11 - Alain Gutiérrez
I met Alain on my first trip to Cuba in April 2014 where he was one of my photo guides. We met again in 2016 and have remained in contact over the years. I have even had Alain as a guest in my home studio on the same day that I got my Egg Chair. I think he was the first person to be photographed in the egg while it was still in my garage. Alain leads tours, teaches, and writes. I think you will enjoy this conversation with this charming person. Please join us as we talk about street photography, life in Cuba, and his new toy project. 

May 14 - Bobbi Lane
Another photographic lighting guru, Bobbi Lane will be my guest for this meeting. As usual, bring your questions to this conversation. When I first read Bobbi’s biography I thought I was reading my own. We both started out with large format cameras photographing products and had a similar photography path in our early years. Many years later I learned a lot about lighting from a special issue of Photo Techniques magazine titled Essential Lighting Techniques in 2007 that was authored by Bobbi.

May 18 - limiting the spread of light 
I will demonstrate modifiers like snoots, spot lights, grids, barndoors. Light just a narrow portion of your subject. Project images onto your subjects. Cast shadows onto your subjects. Discover your own uses for these techniques. 

May 19 - Lindsay Adler
Excited to announce a special TUESDAY edition of my series of conversations with photographers. My guest will be NYC fashion photographer Lindsay Adler. Bring your questions and be part of the conversation. 

May 21 - Rick Sammon
Rick describes himself as a Woodstock 1969 attendee who has since written 41 photography and nature books and who has 18 KelbyOne classes . . . who plays bass guitar every day. In his photography, Rick specializes in not specializing. Come prepared with your questions and be part of the conversation!

May 25 - Diffusion Confusion 
Do you suffer from Diffusion Confustion?

Do you lay awake at night considering if you should use a softbox or an octa? Do you think your shadows are too dark (or too light)? Do you worry that your modifier isn’t big enough? Join me in this free online class to learn about studio lighting, direction, depth, and the like will be covered. Join and be part of the conversation.

May 28 - Lawyers and Photographers
Covering critical legal concerns for contracts, cancellations, business formations and closings, and more.

June 1 - Flash sync and power levels
What is flash sync? Why am I getting a dark band on part of my flash photos? What is TTL and HSS? How do I freeze motion? Do I need a flash meter? What about those numbers or fractions of power on my lights? 

June 4 - Jen Rozenbaum
Jen Rozenbaum is a portrait photographer, author, breast cancer survivor, hostess of the Shamelessly Feminine® podcast and the founder of the Reconstruction™ movement. Through her work, she is helping women celebrate their unique femininity and helping breast cancer patients and survivors put their lives back together after cancer. 

Jun 8 - Understanding Lenses
One of my favorite topics. Lenses, What is focal length? How does focal length affect perspective? What are f/stops and what do those numbers mean? What happens when I move closer to or farther from my subject? What determines the depth of field and why do different f/stops change the depth of field?

Jun 11 - Matthew Jordan Smith
Our conversation will be about Matthew’s career, favorite lighting modifiers, working with the light meter, living in Japan, travel in the COVID-19 era, and more. Bring your questions and be part of the conversation.

Jun 15 - Bambi Cantrell
Join my visit with master portrait artist Bambi Cantrell for a conversation on Lighting and Posing for a Modern World. 

Jun 18 - Jonny Edward
Jonny is a visual story teller, creative director, and photographer based out of Denver, CO. Join us in a conversation about creativity — Developing one's own style and finding a visual voice.

Jun 22 - Lisa Carney
Commercial retoucher. Photoshop Expert. Educator. And more. Join my guest Lisa Carney and myself for this conversation. 

Jun 25 - Kim Weston and Zach Weston
Kim Weston, grandson of Edward Weston, and his son Zach continue the Weston family photographic legacy. Join me in welcoming them to the conversation series as they come to us live from Wildcat Hill in Carmel, CA. 

Jun 29 - Dan Cuny collecting cameras
Dan is an avid collector of everything photography. Today’s conversation will center around is collection of vintage cameras, including toy cameras from the past, subminiature, 35mm, medium format, panoramic, and large format cameras. Maybe we can even see some camera figurines. 

July 2 - Tony Taafe The 10,000 headshots Project
The plan is to provide free headshots to people who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Join the conversation to find out more about this project and how to be involved.

Jul 6 - Judy Host
Join me in a conversation about the Importance of Personal Projects with photographer, educator, and lecturer Judy Host. 

Jul 13 - Ben Von Wong
From Artist to Activist: How to become more effective of an activist and shifting away from awareness into impact. 

Jul 16 - Epson Print Academy Reunion
Greg Gorman, JP Caponigro, Jeff Schewe, Mac Holbert, and Andrew Rodney
Join us for war stories and career highlights from the distinguished members of the original Epson Print Academy crew (Epson is not involved in this conversation). Expect a lively discussion from this group. Join in and be part of the Conversation! 

Jul 20 - Jeff Dunas
Jeff is the founder of the prestigious Palm Springs Photo Festival that has been going on for 15 years. He is also a well known portrait photographer in his own right. Join us to find out more about the festival and to hear stories from Jeff’s career. Bring along your questions and become part of the conversation. 

Jul 22 - Arlene Evans and George Varanakis
Please join me and my special guests Arlene Evans and George Varanakis as we discuss "Photography Conferences, Trade Shows, and Magazines: The state of the industry and where things might be going." Arlene is the Content Director for the Photo Group at Emerald Expositions which includes PhotoPlus, Rangefinder and WPPI and also worked at CreativeLive. George has worked at WPPI, Rangefinder Magazine, and CreativeLive and was President/Co-Founder of the Portrait Masters. 

Jul 23 - Corinne Alavekios
Join me in a visit with Photographer, Printer, and Educator Corinne Alavekios as we talk about Fine Art Portraiture both in the studio and on location. 

Jul 27 - Open Discussion Michael "Captain Explorer" Newler
Originally scheduled as an open discussion day, I asked Michael Newler if I could share a presentation he created about the original Canon Explorers of Light. He agreed and told stories to go along with the photos. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, bringing back the memories of many great commercial photographers from the last century.

Jul 30 - Lee Varis - Photoshop
Join us for a special Photoshop presentation with international renowned photographer and author, Lee Varis. Lee is a photo-illustrator, now working in the Boston area, who has been involved in commercial photography in Hollywood for over 40 years. He started working with computer imaging over 20 years ago doing work featured on movie posters, album covers, and other entertainment industry advertising. He is responsible for the moth on the "Silence of the Lambs" movie poster, as well as photos of the Starship Enterprise for the Star Trek movies! 

Lee will explore a new image enhancement strategy he calls "The 10-Channel Workflow" showcasing several step-by-step projects. You will learn the power of channel blending using the 10 grayscale channels of the three major Photoshop workspaces: RGB, LAB, and CMYK. Discover techniques for:• darkening blue skies & lightening foliage naturally• lightening dark skin and darkening light skin• introducing natural highlights and shadows to enhance 3D shape• enhancing color intensity using Lab• de-saturating shadows to enhance 3D contrast naturally• completely re-shaping tone, contrast, and color for dramatic effects

Aug 3 - JB Sallee on Environmental Portraits
Environmental Portraits featuring three easy lighting setups.

Aug 6 - Holger Mishke black & white photography
Holger describes himself as “a photographer/writer/musician who works mainly in black and white. I combine my images with stories, describing the world around us filtered through the world inside me. One might think of me as a landscape photographer, but as I think of everything being connected in nature including us humans, I am really taking selfies all the time. The words accompanying the images reflect the thoughts I had, the emotions I felt making the photograph. This combination is meant to inspire the viewer to find their own narrative in my images.” 

Aug 10 - Jack Reznicki on Copyright
Jack gives a presentation about copyright followed by a Q&A session.

Aug 13 - Michelle Bates
Michelle Bates, author of the book Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity, will talk about her work using plastic cameras. But toy cameras are only a part of her work. She is also known for performance photography and will show that work and talk about the transition from film to digital and now to mirrorless cameras for theater work. 

Aug 17- Kevin Raber and
“I have been in the photo industry in one form or another all my life. Photography, quite simply, is a passion; or maybe I should call it an obsession. I live and breathe photography in one form or another. I love all of the gear that comes with being a photographer; but more than anything else, I love the art of taking a photo.

“I have been fortunate enough to have traveled the world from one pole to the other, with many places in between. I have met with, and become friends with, many of the greatest names in photography. While it may be expensive to buy gear and take pictures, for me it beats the cost of a therapist. It’s funny how all things become clear when standing on a mountain during sunrise.” —Kevin Raber 

Aug 20 - Seth Resnick
Seth Resnick is a Master Photographer who has made his mark in the world of contemporary photography with a prolific career spanning education, fine art, editorial, stock and commercial work, as well his entrepreneurial contributions in training thousands of photographers in digital workflow. Chosen by Photo District News as one of the 30 most influential photographers of the decade, Seth is greatly in demand for his beautiful graphic images in both natural and created light. Resnick has been published in many of the world’s most prestigious magazines. His credits include over 2500 publications worldwide and his clients constitute a virtual “Who’s Who” list of Corporate America. 

Aug 24  - JP Caponigro
John Paul Caponigro is a pioneer among visual artists working with digital media. John Paul combines his background in painting with traditional and alternative photographic processes using state-of-the-art digital technology. A form of environmental art in virtual space, his work is about the perception of nature and the nature of perception. His life’s work is both a call to connection with nature and a call for conscientious creative interaction with our environment during a time of rapid change.

Aug 27 - Drew Hendrix Inkjet Printing Papers with Red River Paper
Confused by terms like baryta, or rag? Or natural white vs neutral white? Or what is lignin free paper? How does paper weight, expressed as gsm, impact your paper choice decision? Do you want to find an inkjet paper that closely resembles traditional silver halide printing paper you used in the darkroom? Red River Paper was founded in 1997 and their team has over 50 years experience in fine papers. They offer over 30 different inkjet papers and guarantee compatibility with Canon, Epson, and HP brand inkjet printers. Drew is President of Red River Paper and can answer your questions about paper and printers.

Aug 31 - Ian Sitren - bodybuilding
Premiere bodybuilding and fitness photographer and aviator, Ian L. Sitren joins us to share his photography on the ground, in the studio, and in the air. 

Sep 3 - Robert Farber
One of the original Canon Explorers of Light, Robert Farber is known for his classic imagery of women. From Fashion to Beauty and nudes in editorial, to advertising including his best selling books, his painterly, impressionistic style captures the essence of composition in every genre, including nudes, fashion, landscapes and Lifestyle. His fourteen photo art books have sold over half a million copies. Robert has a new exhibition titled Women As Art coming soon and we’ll talk about the show and his career. 

Sep 7 - Michele Celentano
Teaching and public speaking at conventions is my jam!!! I have been teaching photography internationally for more than 20 years. From intimate workshops to massive keynote presentations, teaching fires me up like nothing else. As I was coming up in the industry I would attend workshops several times a year. The instructors soon became family (that's a surprise, right?) and soon I was being asked to teach classes.

Sep 17 - Kenna Klosterman
You know her from CreativeLive and from her Travels and Tours. Join my conversation with Kenna Klosterman on Thursday, September 17. Bring your questions and be a part of the conversation. 

Oct 1 - Greg Gorman
Join me in a conversation with photographer Greg Gorman talking about his illustrious career and his new book, It’s Not About Me: A Retrospective.

Oct 5 - Cheryl Walsh
Join me in a conversation with underwater photographer Cheryl Walsh. Cheryl is known for both her underwater photographer and for fine art digital printing. We will cover both in this session. Bring your questions. 

Oct 8 - Seshu and his 06001 project
Project 06001 was born out of a need to also connect with other parents and offer them an opportunity to celebrate who their children are today. The series began with the idea that I would not only photograph kids in my town but also interview them about their dreams and aspirations. I would love to see these portraits and the audio interviews to live on my website first, but also be presented to the community through a larger gallery display. I'm also juggling the idea of publishing a book of the first 30 children featured in this project, with quotes from what they have said in their interviews with me.

Oct 12 - David Bicho & Anders Hannola
David and Anders are the guys I go to when I have a lighting problem orq uestion. Join me in welcoming them to the Conversation. Bring all your lighting questions and be a part of the Conversation!

Oct 15 - Open Discussion
This open discussion turned into as show on printing and serves as a teaser of the Conversation with Eric Joseph on October 26.

Oct 19 - Dale Bernstein
Dale Bernstein was a photo assistant to a number of influential photographers including Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, and Arnold Newmanin the 1980s. Join us as I ask him about the photographers, their work, and his work with large format wet plate collodion photography. Bring yourquestions and be a part of the Conversation. 

Oct 22 - Barbara Bordnick
Internationally renowned portrait and fashion photographer, Barbara Bordnick, began her career in Copenhagen and Paris before returning to open a studio in New York in 1969 where her photography in HARPER’S BAZAAR began drawing acclaim.Throughout her career she has received innumerable honors and awards for her film and print work, including:
• Clios for film & print
• The International Film Festival Gold Medal
• Art Directors’ Club Awards
• Missouri School of Journalism Award
• The Polaroid Corporation commission to document portraits ofAmerica’sGreat Women of Jazz - the first 8X10 Polacolor
• ASMP Award for Distinguished Service
• International Photographic Council’s Leadership Award at the UnitedNations

Oct 26 - Eric Joseph
Eric Joseph is a photographer and Executive Vice President of New Business and Product Development at Freestyle Photographic Supplies. Eric travels across the United States leading seminars and workshops related to digital printmaking. The most notable of which is entitled, “TheWorld of Inkjet Paper...The Print Matters!” Eric teaches digital printmaking with an emphasis on empirical knowledge allowing folks to make informed decisions about their digital output and how to obtain consistent, reliable, repeatable and controllable results.

Oct 29 - Joe Baraban
For the past forty years, Joe has shot for clients from Coca Cola toHennessy, Cessna to Boeing, and IBM to Microsoft; his resume also includes most of the Fortune 500 companies. He has photographed the full line automotive brochures for Acura, Saturn, and Range Rover. He has worked on campaigns for Jaguar, Ford, Toyota, Buick, and just about every vehicle with four wheels. Two-wheel advertising campaigns included BMW, Honda, and Kawasaki.

Nov 2 - Tony Corbell & Skip Cohen
Tales from the DarkSlide: Laughing Through a Changing Industry - Tony andSkip reminisce about stories about their careers and friends in the photo industry.

Nov 12 - Rosanne Olson
Rosanne is a photographer, author, musician, and educator based inSeattle, WA.
"I discovered photography at the age of 23. Ever since that moment I have been in love with creating beautiful images. With the right light and sensitive timing, a photograph can convey so much more than words ever could. It can move us to action, move us to tears, inspire us and preserve our memories." 

Nov 16 - Greg Heisler
Renowned for his technical mastery and thoughtful responsiveness over a career spanning more than 35 years, his enthusiasm, curiosity, and drive are manifested in his more than 70 cover portraits for Time magazine. His iconic portraits and innovative visual essays have graced the covers and pages of many other magazines, including Life, Esquire, Fortune, Go, Geo, Sports Illustrated, ESPN and the New York Times Magazine.

Nov 19 - Ctein
As Ctein says, he is not your average photographer.

Ctein has a double-degree from Caltech in English and Physics. And has written over 500 articles, columns, books, and manuals on photographic topics. He has done research in everything from solar astronomy to computer screens and from the seventy-year-old dye transfer printmaking process to state-of-the-art electronic color displays. He has made new discoveries about ordinary B&W photographic printing and new designs for computer printers. See more at Ctein's website.

Got questions about the physics of photography? Sensor sizes? Information in the shadows? Depth of field? Resolution? Ctein loves questions. Today is the day to bring them and be a part of the Conversation!

Nov 23 - Nate Gowdy
Nate Gowdy got his start as a photographer in 2011 documenting Seattle’s LGBTQ+ nightlife and the marriage equality movement on behalf of Seattle Gay News. His passion is in being a documenter of political campaigns and movements and in working on collaborative story telling projects focused on intersectional identity, civil rights, and social justice issues.

Since 2015, he’s been heavily invested in Vote American!, a self-funded series chronicling presidential politics and protest across (so far) 290 events in 23 states and D.C. The work has been featured internationally, including on the cover of TIME Magazine (Bernie Sanders, June 6th, 2016).

Nov 30 - Luci Dumas
Luci will talk about why selling printed photographs in person is a gift to our clients and best for our portrait and wedding businesses.

An award winning Master Craftsman, Luci Dumas enjoyed a successful, profitable and creatively satisfying Children, Family Portrait and Wedding business In San Diego for over 36 years. Her “super power” is sales of 3 to 8 wall portraits and albums to almost every portrait client.

She also has a coaching and training business, Insight Training for Photographers and loves supporting other talented photographers and creatives who are struggling to have the business of their dreams, or just want to make a great business even more successful.

Dec 3 - John Cornicello & Holger Mishke
My friend Holger Mischke wrote to me and asked if he could host a conversation with me. What could I say? So here it is. 

Dec 7 - David Julian
David Julian started his career as a corporate art director at Warner Bros Music and HBO. He says, "I traveled with my camera during my corporate vacation time, photographing tropical forest ecology for NGOs. I went solo in1992. Since then, I've been creating images, illustrations, and assemblages for corporate clients, institutions, collectors, and public installations.

"In 2001 I began teaching the exploration of creativity with others. I now mentor and teach workshops locally and at facilities including Maine MediaWorkshops, Santa Fe Workshops, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Lepp Digital Institute, Vancouver Photo Workshops, Bald Head Island Arts andUnCruise. I also lead cultural travel and street photography workshops inCuba, India, Sri Lanka, Amsterdam, Paris, Alaska, Hawaii, and Mexico."

Dec 10 - LaRae Lobdel
LaRae Lobdell is an environmental portrait photographer, host, and instructor with over 20 years of experience photographing, directing, producing exhibits, and speaking in the photography industry. She focuses on providing artists, actors, models, and companies with lifestyle and conceptual imagery for promotional use and branding. Her approach is very contemporary, her work has a timeless elegance, and she represents the grace, distinction, and style that is possible in photography.

Grateful to be a stay-at-home mom while balancing a rewarding career in the photography industry, this proud single mom enjoys a nomadic traveling lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest with her daughter, Emerson.

Dec 14 - Steve Brazill
Steve is a Southern California based live music photographer, host of theBehind the Shoot Podcast, emcee, voice actor, and on-air personality at96.7 KCAL FM. Having been around the music and entertainment industry for many years, Steve combines his love of both music and photography to capture those defining moments that happen during a live performance--onstage or behind-the-scenes.

Dec 17 - Holger Mishke - Galleries
No Games! The Anti-gallery Part 1

When founding An American Place, Alfred Stieglitz wrote the following:

No formal press views
No cocktail parties
No special invitations
No advertising
No institution
No isms
No theories
No game being played
Nothing asked of anyone who comes
No anything on the walls except what you see there

The doors of An American Place are ever open to all

Based on conversations about image pricing and the future of photography, I found the outlined values still apply, maybe more than ever. We will be discussing what an online gallery (with the possibility of actual exhibitions after the pandemic) based on these values could look like today. The project is in its very early stages, so join us and seize the opportunity to co-shape this project.--Holger Mischke

Dec 21 - Pratik Naik
Pratik Naik is a high end retoucher and owner of the Solstice retouching agency. He is based out of the United States, specializing in commercial and editorial work.His passion for retouching stems from a history in fine art and over 15 years of using Photoshop in manipulation and retouching. The style that he is best known for is realistic and natural. His belief in retouching is based on simplicity and efficiency with an aim to always stay in line with the vision of the photographer. Having a history as a photographer also allows him to understand the industry on both ends.His passion for retouching also stems into training and teaching the industry, as an instructor and writer. Giving back allows him to take part in shaping the future of our field. His method of teaching people the essentials in a way that is easy to understand and execute is what sets him apart.He is also the founder of Infinite Color the Photoshop color grading extension, along with his other line of other Infinite tools.

Dec 28 - Julie Corcoran
Julie Corcoran is conceptual photographer based in Ireland. She is currently represented by three galleries in Belfast, Enniskillen andDublin. In 2020 Julie published her first photo book, Time, with words by poet, Fidel Hogan Walsh. The introduction is also beautifully written by Brooke Shaden.

Julie has an Associate Distinction with the Irish PhotographicFederation and AFIAP Distinction with the Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique.

Julie will be sharing her photographic journey through an Irish lens, from distinctions panels to gallery walls with plenty of opportunity for discussion in between. 

Dec 31 - Holger Mishke - Galleries Pt 2
No Games! The Anti-gallery Part 2

When founding An American Place, Alfred Stieglitz wrote the following:

No formal press views
No cocktail parties
No special invitations
No advertising
No institution
No isms
No theories
No game being played
Nothing asked of anyone who comes
No anything on the walls except what you see there

The doors of An American Place are ever open to all

Based on conversations about image pricing and the future of photography, I found the outlined values still apply, maybe more than ever. We will be discussing what an online gallery (with the possibility of actual exhibitions after the pandemic) based on these values could look like today. The project is in its very early stages, so join us and seize the opportunity to co-shape this project.--Holger Mischke

Dec 31 - Michael Newler Birthday


Jan 4 - JP and Paul Caponigro
At the root of creativity is an impulse to understand, to make sense of random and often unrelated details. For me, photography provides an intersection of time, space, light, and emotional stance. One needs to be still enough, observant enough, and aware enough to recognize the life of the materials, to be able to 'hear through the eyes'--Paul Caponigro

Paul Caponigro is renowned as one of America's most significant master photographers. His son, John Paul Caponigro, is a pioneer among photographers working in the digital world. Join us in a conversation about traditional film photography and printing and digital imagery.

Jan 7 - Harold Davis
Harold Davis is an internationally known photographer and a sought-after workshop leader. Harold’s most recent book is Creative Garden Photography, published by Rocky Nook. His prints are widely collected. He is the developer of a unique technique for photographing flowers for transparency, a Moab Master, and a Zeiss Ambassador. 

Jan 11 - Roman Loranc
Roman Loranc is a self-taught photographer who began his journey as an artist in the early 1960s when he received a 35mm camera for his first communion. Over time he learned to print and develop on his own and continues to do so. Roman uses a 4x5 Linhof field camera and shoots the majority of his photographs with a 210mm Nikkor lens, using Kodak's classic Tri-X film, and prints on multigrade fiber paper. Roman shapes the photo from start to finish. The innate drama of the landscapes is reproduced through a variable split-toning (sepia and selenium) technique. The photographer does all the printing, spotting, and archival mounting. 

Jan 14 - Ellen Friedlander
Ellen Friedlander is a fine art and documentary artist who uses ideas of memory, displacement, and photographic truths to make the unseen visible.Ellen is a master of in-camera multiple exposure portraits and more. I can't begin to describe Ellen's work. Take a look at her triple in-camera portraits to start exploring.After many years of working in all facets of the business of photography; assisting, styling, representing and working on her own photographic assignments, she has found her own way of expressing the street with theExtended Frame™.

Jan 18  - Michelle Dunn Marsh
Michelle Dunn Marsh is the co-founder of Minor Matters, a collaborative publishing program that highlights underrepresented voices in contemporary art. She has edited or designed over 100 publications at ApertureFoundation and Chronicle Books and has curated significant exhibitions. In this conversation we will talk about representation and inclusion in the photography world. 

Jan 21 - Teresa Meier
Building an image: from prop construction to fine art print
"I have always loved puzzles. I like to sift through all the pieces, analyzing their parts, and take immense satisfaction in seeing how they all fit together.For me, a photograph and a concept is an elaborate puzzle--a puzzle that takes me to beautiful landscapes, wandering through antique stores, building in the wood shop, sewing a new costume, assembling props by hand, and painting both traditionally and digitally. In short, photography lets me have it all." 

Jan 28 - Nate Gowdy - 2nd visit
Nate was there for the Georgia election runoff. And there for the Electoral College vote and Capitol riots on January 6. And then the unthinkable happened after the riots--His camera bag which also had his computer and his memory cards was stolen. Tune in to find out how it all turned out.

In this conversation we will talk about the experiences on the road and how the story of his stolen equipment took some twists and turns and what finally happened. And by the time of this conversation Nate will have gone back to DC for the inauguration. So many stories to tell! Join us and be a part of theConversation.

Feb 1 - Stephen Johnson
"I am very interested in the truths that photography can tell, that it can hold our visual experiences. In landscape, photography can also help connect us back to the Earth, providing both excuse to be out in nature, give back and help us record those connections. The sheer beauty that I see gives me hope and helps me love, both of which are deeply life giving.”

Stephen Johnson is a landscape and natural world photographer who photographs, teaches and writes with great passion, in addition to being an educator leading photographic workshop experiences of high craft for four decades. His work has been featured in Communication Arts, Life Magazine,American Photo, Outdoor Photographer, PBS Newshour and ABC DiscoveryNews, among many others. His books include At Mono Lake, the award winning and critically acclaimed The Great Central Valley: California’sHeartland, Making a Digital Book and the new Stephen Johnson on DigitalPhotography. Internationally recognized as a digital photography pioneer,Johnson's photographs have been exhibited, published and collected in theUnited States, Europe, Mexico and Japan.

His work has concentrated on large environmentally sensitive photograph projects, including the NEA funded and Congressionally honored At MonoLake, and the award winning Great Central Valley Project. In 1994 he embarked on With A New Eye, the ground breaking all digital photographic look at American national parks. Steve was recognized by Apple Computer in 1997 with a ColorSync Profiling Excellence Award. In 1999, FolioMagazine declared the publication of Johnson's digital photographs in LifeMagazine to be one of the Top 15 Critical Events in magazine publishing in the twentieth century. In 2003 he was inducted into the Photoshop Hall ofFame. Canon named Steve as one of their Explorers of Light in 2006 and sponsors speaking engagements with him around the country. In 2007 X-Rite named Stephen as a founding member of their exclusive Coloratti group of photographers and educators honored for their skills in color management. Stephen is well known for his passionate lectures and deep love for the traditions of fine photography.

He has consulted on the development of digital photography since 1989, working with Kodak, Adobe, Apple, Epson, Hahnemüle, HP, and Canon. This work has included the design of the Museum Etching paper for Hahnemühle, Stephen Johnson Photography Studios, Galleries and Education Center are located in Pacifica, California. His fine art reproduction services operate asStephen Johnson Editions.

Feb 4 - Toni Lovejoy
Creating a series that is both personal and painful

The series, A Citizen of No Nation, is one woman’s visual reconstruction of her family genealogy and exploration of the dichotomy of being descended from both the slave and the slave-owner. By layering multiple images of original slave narratives, President Abraham Lincolns’ writings, plantation owners letters, textures from slave cabin walls and other historical relics, it helps her to explore the past, honoring the pain of history and facilitating a catharsis. Friends and family pose as ancestors to personalize the pain, both for herself and the viewer, allowing one to see the *inhumane story within her family line as well as many others with similar histories. This show is meant to actualize a painful subject, thereby allowing the artist and her audience the possibility of healing, by the shared viewing and experiences that naturally transpire as one walks through the show.

Feb 8 - Birgit Maddox
Birgit Maddox was born in Bietigheim/Baden in 1963 in Southern Germany.Trained in Traditional Printing and Design she developed a keen eye. She was first introduced to photography through a relative who worked at Leica in Wetzlar, East Germany. Starting out with 35 mm, she now works mostly with Medium Format, mainly Hasselblad.

Birgit returns to her European roots every summer, continuously working on her project “Endangered” capturing the ways of old, simplicity, raw and pristine land and what is in danger of getting lost. Upcoming projects are“Moments”, where she captures decisive, lucid and passing moments and“Mystery”.

She returns to her home in Pacific Grove, California, where she does most of her printing. Her work can be found at Photography West, Carmel and theLevin Gallery, Monterey California. In 2021 she will be part of the 6th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography Exhibition in BarcelonaSpain and a solo show is planned at the Taunus Gallery in Bad Homburg, Germany.

Feb 11 - Peter Krogh
Peter Krogh is a photographer, writer, filmmaker, publisher and consultant. For 30 years, he has created compelling visual images for editorial and commercial clients who need to send a message, tell a story or connect with an audience.

In the last decade, Peter has become one of the world’s foremost authorities on Digital Asset Management and workflow. He has worked with companies that create the digital photography ecosystem, such as Adobe, Microsoft, iView, Phase One, CRU,O’Reilly Media and PhotoShelter.

Feb 15 - Dan Burkholder
Dan Burkholder is known for looking over photography’s horizon to discover new ways of capturing and expressing the photographic image. In the early 1990’s Dan wrote the groundbreaking book Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing, opening doors for legions of image-makers wishing to combine the precision of digital imaging with the warmth and charm of the handmade print. After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast in 2005, Burkholder recorded the chaos of post-Katrina New Orleans in his poignant monograph, The Color of Loss, the first coffee table book photographed entirely with high dynamic range (HDR) techniques. And in 2012, Burkholder led the mobile photography revolution with his forward-looking book iPhone Artistry. Dan earned his BA and Master’s degrees in Photography from BrooksInstitute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. His platinum/palladium and pigmented ink prints are included in private and public collections internationally. 

Feb 22 - Jeff Schewe
Celebrating Jeff's Birthday!
Jeff Schewe has been called a a digital imaging guru and a true digital pioneer-his first computer assembled image was done in 1984. He’s the author of two best selling books; The Digital Negative and The Digital Print by Peachpit Publishing. He’s also a cofounder of a software company calledPixelGenius LLC, former makers of the PhotoKit line of plug-ins (now retired from market). He’s been a long time feature consultant and alpha/beta tester for Photoshop, Lightroom and Camera Raw. When he jokes that Lightroom was written for him by Adobe, he’s only half joking (it was).

However, prior to his "digital life” Jeff was a 25 year veteran advertising photographer based in Chicago. As well as winning numerous awards, he was also active in defending photographers rights and advancing business practices. He was a founding member of the Chicago chapter of APA (originally named Advertising Photographers of America and later changed to American Photographic Artists-he wasn’t involved with the name change!)He served as chapter president as well as serving on the APA NationalBoard and becoming National President.

He’s also an interesting speaker and rarely without an opinion (he wrote that).

Mar 1 - aerojo Joe Polillio
Moving from Ground to Air, how a commercial photographer evolved with the times

Joe has been a commercial photographer in the New York City area for more than 20 years. He has been shooting Lifestyle,People, and food for editorial and advertising for such clients as AT&T, Avon, Macys, Redbook, Toys R US, Walt Disney World. Joe started flight training for Drones atUnmanned Aerial University and Aircraft training at the Orlandi Flight Center in 2015 to apply his photography/video experience to Drone photography.He is the owner of AEROJO Drone Productions and is licensed with theFAA. Some of his aerial clients include: Autodesk, California Tourism Bureau, Men’s Journal, New Jersey Monthly Magazine, Oprah Magazine & Rose Bowl Stadium.

Mar 8 - Robert Buelteman
Camerless Photography

Robert Buelteman is an artist whose fascination with transcendence is reflected in his photographs, portraying the universe as alive and life as mysterious and profound. Whether examining the grand landscape or inquiring into the design of plants, his print work is a powerful extraction of beauty and substance revealing unrecognized dimensions in the commonplace.Today we will talk about cameraless, lensless, computerless photography.Robert's process is complex and dangerous. Currents are sent through objects that rest directly on a photographic plate. He had to construct a large sheet metal easel that is floated in a solution of liquid silicone. He also devised a way to add light sources to the process, in the form of xenon strobe, tungsten and fiber optics. Tune in to the Conversation to find out more! 

Mar 11 - Rick Friedman
It beats having a real job!

Rick Friedman has been a photojournalist for over four decades. Based in Boston, he travels the world for numerous publications, corporations, advertising assignments and film and television productions. His published work has appeared in Time, National Geographic, Newsweek, The New YorkTimes, Nature, USA Today, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Stern, Discover and many other publications. He has produced over 75 book and magazine covers and worked on 20 movies.

Mar 15 - Peter Hurley
Headshots to portraits: Minimalism to the kitchen sink

Known for his headshots with a SHEBANG! there is another side to Peter Hurley. Join us to learn about his portrait work and other adventures.

Mar  18 - Jack Reznicki
How and Why to Register your Copyright

Jack Reznicki is an internationally renowned commercial people and children photographer based in New York City. Jack is the author of several books on commercial photography including “The Copyright Zone”, which deals with copyright and legal issues for photographers and artists, “Studio and Commercial Photography- A Kodak Pro Workshop” book and other books. In the past Jack has served as President of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), President of the New York chapter of Advertising Photographers of America (APA), sat on the JEC (Joint Ethics Committee) inNew York, and served as Board Member of ASMP/NY (American Society of Media Photographers).

Mar 22 - Don Komarechka
Macro Photography - Science & Art

Always science-minded but never formally trained, Don Komarechka uses photography as a way to explore and understand the world around him.Photographing something unusual or unknown is the perfect excuse to learn something new. Don’s work often pushes up against the technical limitations of modern camera equipment and the physical limitations of light itself. The goal of weaving a fabric of art and science together will always yield fascinating results.

Mar 25 - Calvin Grier - Carbon Prints
Excelling at Failure

Calvin Grier is known for his carbon prints. He says, "(we will) discuss how to work past the point where you just want to give up. In a culture of inkjet printers and instant gratification, I think there are very few people who are willing to slog through years of failure until reaching success. I think my strongest talent is being able to fail over and over and over again, and besides a few curse words, and prints thrown across the room, come back the next day and try again.Ceck out his book, Calibration For Alternative Photographic Processes.

Mar 29 - John Miskelly
Capturing Time - Long Exposure Landscapes

"Since my teenage years, I’ve always taken photographs. It’s how I express myself creatively and it was this that led to my early career in the BBC. Many years later, after initially becoming a wedding and portrait photographer, I now spend my time as a professional landscape photographer, particularly loving to teach and share my passion with others, whether that be leading a workshop or speaking to groups of photographers around the world. As for my photographic influences? Well, I’ve long had a passion for the great outdoors and I’m also heavily influenced by the Japanese garden aesthetic.Putting these influences together results in the strong compositional long exposure work I’m known for today. In terms of industry recognition, I’m aFellow of the Royal Photographic Society, a Fellow of the British Institute ofProfessional Photography and also a Fellow of the Irish PhotographicFederation. I’m a Canson Infinity International Ambassador and a LEEFilters Master."

Apr 8 - Rick Smolan 
Rick is a former Time, Life, and National Geographic photographer best known as the co-creator of the "Day in the Life" book series. He is currently CEO of Against AllOdds Productions, a cross media organization which produces award winning books, documentaries, apps and interactive media. Today more than five million copies of his books are displayed on coffee tables and board rooms around the globe.

Smolan's latest work is "The Good Fight: America'sOngoing Struggle for Justice". The book illustrates the inspiring struggles of Americans who have experienced hatred, oppression or bigotry because of their gender, skin color, country of origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability or beliefs over the past 100 years. The book features more than 180 photographs, 63 embedded videos, over a dozen essays plus examples of music and lyrics that inspired the struggle. "The Good Fight" is now in development as a 10 part TV series.

Apr 12 - Carl Corey
Carl Corey is a Guggenheim Fellow in Photography and the recipient of over100 awards from the photography and publishing communities including National INDIE Book Publishers Best Photography Book, The Crystal BookAward, Midwest Publishers Gold Book Award, New York Art Directors Club,Communication Arts, Print Annual and USA National Best Book Awards.

Carl’s work has been featured in many of photography’s most prestigious periodicals, including Camera Work Bicentennial Edition, Communication Arts, Columbia Journalism Review and Visual Communication Quarterly.Carl exhibits internationally and is many major art collections.

Corey’s photographs have been the subject of three monographs including The Tavern League: A Portrait of the Wisconsin Tavern (The WisconsinHistorical Society Press, 2011), and Rancher (Bunker Hill / GalleryPrint,2007) and For Love and Money: A Portrait of the Family Business (WHSPress, 2014). He is a featured photographer in Contemporary Photography in New York City, edited by Marla Hamburg Kennedy (Rizzoli, 2011). His current Book “ The Strand ” ~ A Cultural Topography of the American Great Lakes, is now available in an archival hand bound edition of 500.

Apr 15 -  Alan Shapiro
Alan Shapiro is a food and nature photographer who grew up on the creative side of the advertising world, working with clients around the world; telling their unique stories in very unique ways.

Apr 19 - James Haefner automobile photography 
James Haefner’s career in photography spans the last four decades. As an accomplished automotive advertising photographer, he’s seen a tremendous amount of change! He’ll cover 8x10 darkroom strips, large sets, flying strobe boxes, and much more. Employing a unique workflow, his ability to capture the designer’s intentions in an automobile is paramount to his success. Today he balances commercial work along with a lifetime interest in landscape photography. After graduating from the Rochester Institute ofTechnology in 1976 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Jim apprenticed for three years before starting his own studio in 1979. When not behind his cameraJim enjoys a round of golf, travel and spending time with his daughter and son. His contributions to Michigan Modern: Design That Shaped America led to the Michigan Modern: An Architectural Legacy project, which is truly the culmination of a forty year career!

Apr 22 - Anniversary Show
Thank you all for being a part of my Photo Conversation Series! I have invited a number of my guests from the past year to stop in and chat. Please join us in a virtual celebration.

Apr 26 - Judy Schiller - Retoucher
Upon graduating from the High School of Art & Design in Manhattan, Judy Schiller received her BFA in photography from School of Visual Arts. After working for Rebecca Blake and Hal Davis, she was a freelance photo assistant for five years. Though she has kept her concentration on musicians, her photographic scope has expanded to include CEOs ofFortune 500 companies and publishing houses. After freelancing for 12 years as the retoucher at Lexington Lab, Judy got a call from Patrick Demarchlier and several other labs. Today her clients include Bruce Davidson, Howard Greenberg Gallery and a host of other luminaries of the photo art world.

Apr 29 -  Keron Psillas
The Value of the Long Term Project: what they are, how to find your long-term project, what to do with the work!
Keron will speak about two bodies of work. Loss and Beauty, seeking solace in a land of infinite sorrow explores her response to the horror we know as the Holocaust. Using original composites, she has created images that speak to personal history with an aesthetic and factual point of view. Cavalo Lusitano, The Spirit Within, is a platinum-palladium entirely hand-crafted fine press edition of her work with Lusitano horses on three continents over 15years. She will speak of the value of collaboration, defining your audience, and anything else that might come up in questions.

From Keron... "I am so honored that John asked me to be a part of hisConversation...I'm delighted to be meeting new people and sharing my love of long term projects and all the latest news about Loss and Beauty, Part 2."

May 3 - Weston Scholarship winners
The Weston Collective, founded in 2004, is a 501(c)3 organization that inspires and uplifts the next generation of photographers through youth programs, mentorships, and The Weston Scholarship. My guests today are two winners of the scholarship, Carlos Rene Castro and Eric Gruss. Carlos is based in Los Angeles and Salinas, CA working in traditional black and white photography to tell stories with a meaningful message. Eric is from Philadelphia, PA, now living in Monterey, CA. While not working in a specific genre, Eric enjoys experimenting and is working on a night photography project. 

May 10 - Alan Dorow SiteWelder
SiteWelder provides powerful websites for creators. Alan Dorow will be hereto answer your questions about best practices for websites for photographers and other creatives.

May 13- Steve Krongard
Act 1 - How personal work leads to commercial success
This talk will center on the the years 1981 through 2001. After a 3 year stint as Studio Manager to Pete Turner, Steve opened his New York Studio in1981. At that point, his portfolio consisted of photographs that he had shot for himself, mostly landscapes, mostly completely uncommercial. Showing those photos, Steve attracted clients that ranged from the acclaimed “Day in the Life” series to magazine work to Advertising and Annual Reports. In this discussion, Steve will reflect on the pictures, the assignments they generated, the evolution of a career and the importance of shooting for oneself.

May 17 - Rachael Short
After picking up her Dad’s 35mm camera at the age of twelve, photography became Rachael Short's passion to this day. In 2000 this California native moved to Santa Barbara to study photography at the Brooks Institute of Photography.

Over the following decade Rachael established a thriving wedding photography and portraiture business. In addition, with an artist colleague she launched GalleryEXPOSED in the heart of Carmel. Her formal shooting pursuits ended abruptly in 2010 when her neck broke in a car accident, leaving her a quadriplegic.

Rachael now divides her time between physical therapy and capturing images with her iPhone. Photographs of nature, people, and places allow her to explore the relationship between light and shadow—images she transforms into platinum prints.

May 20 - Paul Elledge
iPhone Once a Day Project

"I am not a writer; thus, I have chosen the camera as a tool to create a pictorial diary. In some ways, this project brings me back to when I started my love for photography. Rather than a commissioned assignment this project is personal expression. I’m making images just for me that are about how I feel as well as living in the now. This project keeps my skills sharp to the process of making images, as I am always looking, feeling and creating them. I photograph every day to capture an image that mirrors an emotion, an experience, or a feeling that illustrates my state of mind for that day. I have always believed that making images is not about where my feet are, for me it is really about where my mind and heart are."

May 24 - Yvan Bédard
With the pandemia, art galleries have been closed in many places and international tourists absent everywhere. For photographers like Yvan Bédard, revenues from sales in art galleries and photo classes decreased dramatically. According to him, it was the perfect time to develop new offerings and to target a new clientele, one that is not dependent upon the tourist cycle. In this conversation, Yvan will describe how he developed two new products to sell his photographs to Corporations, Government agencies, Universities and Research centers. He will show his chic wooden portfolio box for series of photographs, and his chic wooden frame-box allowing one to store and change the displayed photo within 1 minute without tools. As far as he knows, both are unique products.

June 7 - Blain Harasymiw in Japan
Blain in JapanBlain was born in Northern Canada, raised in a First Nations Canadian community, and embraced the culture. Being part of a wilderness and visual arts family, Blain has spent over six years of his life in the deep bush, and, as a child, he and his family would spend two months every year canoeing the northern Canadian waterways just before the Canadian tree line where the loons and timberwolves would call out at dusk, and the dancing northern lights served as entertainment accompanying the symphony of wildlife around the evening campfire. As Canada has more lakes than all the other nations combined, about 1.4 million, it was the perfect school for survival and gave him the appreciation he still has for nature’s majesty. Years later, after having created a personal catalog of adventures, he returned to Canada for a sabbatical, where he met his wife, Manami, his link to Japan. If he had not met his wife at that time, he would probably still be globetrotting.

He is a multi-themed photographer based in Japan. He’s an explorer who has climbed several of the top peaks, but he hung up his ice axes after several mishaps, but he still spends a month or more every year camping in the wilderness. Blain is always seeking that defining image that characterizes him as a photographer. Still, as a multi-themed visual artist, in one day, Blain could photograph fashion, street photography, landscape, products, or portrait. Still, he feels most fulfilled in the field of nature and wildlife photography.

Blain’s discussion will include topics such as The four Seasons of Japan, one of his guiding principles, the beginner’s mindset, his guide, the Concierge of the Zen forest, shrines, temples, festivals, people, wildlife, and wildlife portraits, among others. No topics are set in stone, so the discussion will not be single-themed. Definitely, multi-themed could be technical, philosophical, or historical, asBlain is well-read and experienced in Japanese sociology, culture, and history, which Blain commonly refers to as Japanese dogma, and he enjoys tales of Bushido, the Kofun period, and identifies and has a bond with the First Nations People of Japan, the Ainu. 

June 10 - Peter Gordon
Peter Gordon is a Dublin based photographic artist. The goal of Peter’s work is to present the viewer with a new visual understanding of time and place. To reinterpret landscape, and place, and capture an energy which can be transmitted to the viewer.

Peter is also a part of Explore Light Workshops and has beenteaching landscape photography for more than 10 years.Throughout this period he has developed a skill for clear lines of communication, and workflows that have helped thousands of students take their work to new heights. The goal of his courses is not to just impart new technical skills but to also help students visualise outcomes. Creative thinking–not just sliders and tech.

Peter is also a former Irish and European Professional Photographer of the Year.

June 21 - Lou Jones
What started as a boyhood obsession has become one of my adult passions. At first I dreamed on a small black/white television screen but now I am "ringside." I have covered thirteen summer & winter Olympic Games for various corporate & editorial clients. The longterm project has me training like the athletes that I document before traveling halfway around the world, shooting all day long for the two weeks during the world's biggest sporting event & getting no sleep while editing for my agent during the nights.

The Olympics have evolved since I began and the methods necessary to cover them have become more sophisticated too. Years ago we had to ship daily. Now we digitally transmit almost immediately. Everyone watches & cheers for their home teams but I have learned that it is not necessarily the best competitors who make the best pictures.

Also running in the opposite direction from the scrum of media photographers so that I get unique photographs & concentrating on the poetry of athleticism rather than who wins or loses have become my trademark.

June 24 -  Steve Begleiter
Steven H. Begleiter is an award-winning Denver based commercial photographer and an Adjunct Professor at the prestigious Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

He is celebrating his 38 years as a professional photographer and his 20th year of teaching with his 6th book "Photographic Lighting for Everybody" His previous five books are the seminal Fathers and Sons, and four instructional books. His professional career began in 1980 as first photo assistant to Annie Leibovitz and Mary EllenMark.

His work has appeared in Esquire, Newsweek, Big Sky Journal, Us Weekly, Forbes, Elle, Business Week, on the cover of Time. He has served on the board of the Philadelphia chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers for three years.

July 1 - Renée Jacobs
Renée Jacobs is one of the most celebrated photographers of the female nude of our time. Recipient of the prestigious International Photography Award for Fine Art Nude, her work has been exhibited and published around the world.

Monographs of her work include Werkdruck (2012/Editions Galerie Vevais, edited and with an introduction by Jock Sturges); Renée Jacobs' PARIS (2013/Editions Galerie Vevais) and Rêves de Femmes (2014/Editions Bessard). Her book POLAROIDS and the second edition of PARIS are scheduled to be released in the fall, concurrently with an exhibit of her work alongside Helmut Newton’s Private Property in Barcelona.

Magazines that have featured Renée's work include Vanity Fair France, Elle Italia, Playboy Italia, Silvershotz, Adore Noir, PH Magazine, Fine Art Photo, Nude Magazine, Photoicon, French Photo, B&W Magazine, Focus, FHM Turkey and numerous others. She has been featured in numerous anthologies, such as Taschen's Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography.

Renée's early photojournalism included assignments for The New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and many other newspapers and magazines. She received  the Robert F. Kennedy Award for Outstanding Coverage of the Disadvantaged and her work is in the permanent collection of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. Her first book, Slow Burn: A Photodocument of Centralia, Pennsylvania was originally published in 1986 and re-issued in2010 to favorable reviews in The New York Times Review of Books and photo-eye. After a 15 year detour as a civil rights lawyer, Renée returned to photography. 

July 5 - John Greengo

John Greengo specializes in photographic education through online training, books, and international photo tours. He is an energetic and enthusiastic presenter known for his visual teaching style. His photographic teachings have been viewed by millions around the globe; and have proven to be popular and effective.

Photography has been a life-long passion for John; starting at the age of 10 when he picked up his first camera and became endlessly fascinated with the art. After earning a college degree in photography, the pursuit of his craft has led him on photographic adventures to all seven continents. His range of experiences, combined with his desire to help fellow photographers grow, has positioned John as a world-leader in photographic education.

John resides in Washington State with his wife, Michelle. As a typical resident of the Pacific Northwest, John can frequently be found in the mountains, on the water, or down a long and winding trail; always experiencing life through photography

July 22 - Blain in Japan Pt II
Once wasn't enough! Please welcome back Blain Harasymiw

Blain is a multi-themed photographer based in Japan. He’s an explorer who has climbed several of the top peaks, but he hung up his ice axes after several mishaps, but he still spends a month or more every year camping in the wilderness. Blain is always seeking that defining image that characterizes him as a photographer. Still, as a multi-themed visual artist, in one day, Blain could photograph fashion, street photography, landscape, products, or portrait. Still, he feels most fulfilled in the field of nature and wildlife photography.

Blain’s discussion will include topics such as The four Seasons of Japan, one of his guiding principles, the beginner’s mindset, his guide, the Concierge of the Zen forest, shrines, temples, festivals, people, wildlife, and wildlife portraits, among others. No topics are set in stone, so the discussion will not be single-themed. Definitely, multi-themed could be technical, philosophical, or historical, as Blain is well-read and experienced in Japanese sociology, culture, and history, which Blain commonly refers to as Japanese dogma, and he enjoys tales of Bushido, the Kofun period, and identifies and has a bond with the First Nations People of Japan, the Ainu. 

July 26 - Don Giannatti
Photographer, Creative Director, Author, Mentor.

I started building my commercial business in the early 70’s and opened my first studio in 1977. I shot people, some product, and a lot of “fashion” – or at least what passed for fashion in Phoenix, Arizona in the mid 70s. I spent quite a bit of time in Los Angeles working as an assistant and then as a graphic designer for a boutique agency that introduced me to a whole different clientele.

After a stint in Chicago, I worked in NY for a couple of years making the back and forth air trip about twice per month. When my first child came I knew I had to make a change and NYC was not where I wanted to have a family. I opened a commercial studio in Phoenix and began creating ads, collateral, and editorial images in my hometown and LA. Eventually, I decided I had enough of ad agencies treatment and started getting my own clients for advertising. The web opened incredible opportunities and I started building and shooting for big company websites.

This bedroom design studio transformed into an ad agency and by 2001 it was the third-largest in Arizona. I was a senior partner andCreative Director and we rocked it.I left the agency to go back to a simpler, easier life as a designer/photographer and began writing and teaching instead of retiring. My whole life has been tied to the creative arts, so I saw no reason to change it. I hate golf.

Today I mentor photographers, write, make photographs, and have started a new agency for photographers. Pretty busy for a guy who should have retired 8 years ago. I probably never will.

Creativity and the market are what fascinates me… keeps me going.These crazy times just make me more excited to get out there and help creative people become successful.

I play the drums and piano and ride a big V-Twin motorcycle on long-distance road trips whenever possible. 

July 29 - Deanne Fitzmaurice
Luck is a State of Mind with photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice

As a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial and commercial photographer, San Francisco-based Deanne Fitzmaurice is most known for her unique ability to go behind the scenes to discover and convey personal, intimate and emotional stories through images. Fitzmaurice, a Nikon Ambassador, is an assignment photographer with publications including Sports Illustrated, ESPN, National Geographic and many other respected outlets. Deanne has also partnered with foundations and non-profits including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Lucile Packard Foundation. Deanne’s commercial clients include Apple, Nike, Google and Facebook.

In 2011, Deanne’s documentary work was a finalist for the Alexia Foundation Grant for World Peace. In 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017 she was presented with the American Photography Awards and in 2013 her work was selected for Communication Arts Photography Annual. Deanne’s work has also received awards from Pictures of the Year International, NPPA Best of Photojournalism, and the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism. Her work is part of the permanent collection at the Newseum, and is also part of their traveling exhibition of Pulitzer winning photographs. Deanne's work has also been exhibited at Visa pour L’Image in Perpignan, France, and with UNICEF Photo of the Year. In 2010 Deanne partnered with writer Joan Ryan and published Freak Season, documenting Tim Lincecum's road to The World Series. She has also been a contract photographer for the best-selling Day in the Life books.

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University, she began her career as a staff photographer for the San Francisco Chronicle. When not on assignment, Deanne often lectures and teaches workshops. She is proud to be a Nikon Ambassador and the co-founder of Think Tank Photo, with her husband, photographer Kurt Rogers.

Aug 5 - NYC Photo District 1970s and 80s
The early 1980s is when I got my start in photography working in the NY Photo District. I am inviting photographers, assistants, photo dealers, and friends to join me this day to talk about our memories of that period in time. 

Aug 12 -Urs Recher
Born in 1967, Urs Recher started rather late talking pictures at the age of 22. After finishing the School of Arts in Basel, Switzerland, he worked as a free-lance assistant and photographer in Europe and North and South America.

Now (and for more than 20 years), Urs is the “photographic eye” of broncolor. He is responsible for the company's advertising photography and shares his fascination for light with his professional colleagues around the world who attend his seminars, webinars and workshops.

Urs helps the company developing new products, tests light shapers extensively, and uses them virtually every day as part of his studio work.

Aug 26 - Lou Jones part II panAFRICAproject
Creating a contemporary, visual portrait of modern Africa.

Until the pandemic curtailed travel my studio has been traveling a few times each year to photograph the 54+ countries of Africa one by one. Our mission is to address the calculated misconceptions by Western media. Since modern Africa is one of the most progressive developing places on earth, neocolonial efforts to discredit these efforts have persisted beyond comprehension. Our newspapers, textbooks and politicians tell only stories of poverty, pestilence and conflict while my experiences there show a very different picture. I realized with my career I had the "universal language" of photography and without the barriers of translation and interpretation I could show what the different cultures actually look like. So far we have made long term visits to fourteen countries and have documented industry, education, culture, medicine, resources and everyday life. 

With John Cornicello's help I will discuss the complex methods we have had to engage and the techniques to gain access to the inner working of each unique country, culture, village and home. I will display how we disseminate the resulting photographs and information, exhibit the photographs, get published and fund the panAFRICAproject. 

Sep 23 - Barry Rosenthal
Barry Rosenthal is a photographer, sculptor and collector. He studied photography at the Dayton Art Institute in Dayton, Ohio and at the Apeiron Workshops in Millerton, New York with notable photographers Emmet Gowin and George Tice. Barry‘s fine art images can be found in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the Springfield Museum of Fine Art Springfield, Massachusetts. Barry is a resident of Lower Manhattan.

“Found in Nature”, started in 2005 as an offshoot of his botanical work, has evolved from miniature collections of found objects into large-scale images that represent ocean borne trash. By using a combination of sculpture and photography and breaking down the found object trash into themes of type, color or whimsy, Rosenthal is able to bring awareness to the global issue of ocean pollution.

His project “Found in Nature” has a worldwide following and has created opportunities for Barry to talk about his work to a larger audience. His photographs have been published in arts and culture magazines as well as general interest news publications around the world.

In the fall of 2010, Rosenthal became a resident artist at Chashama in the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Brooklyn, New York. It was then that he was able to refine his vision of his project to where it became socially and environmentally conscious.

Oct 11 - Mac Holbert
In 1989 R. Mac Holbert, along with musician/photographer Graham Nash, co-founded Nash Editions, widely regarded as the world's first digital printmaking studio focusing solely on photography.

Prior to Nash Editions, Mr. Holbert helped manage such music groups as Crosby, Stills & Nash, Peter, Paul & Mary, Poco, America, and Carole King. He has long been active in the environmental movement helping to produce benefits for the Cousteau Society, Greenpeace, the Algalita Foundation and others.

In 2016 Mac co-founded Art Authority, a company that helps cultural heritage institutions create revenue through the sale of extreme quality print-on-demand fine art prints. Mac has lectured extensively on digital output, digital imaging/scanning, and fine art. He is a partner in plug-in provider PixelGenius (makers of Photokit Sharpener II), as well as a beta tester for Epson America, Canon, X-rite, NEC, Adobe, and other software and hardware manufacturers. 

Oct 18 - Joao Carlos
Born in New York to Portuguese parents, João is a fashion, advertising and fine art photographer and director working between New York and Lisbon. Although he expressed an interest in having a “real” camera at the age of five, João’s artistic explorations began with painting and fine arts which later led him to study at Ar.Co Institute of Art and Visual Communication in Lisbon, Portugal.

Since then, João Carlos has become an established name within the industry working for advertising agencies, magazines, fashion apparel and beauty companies all over the world. He has shot for publications such as Forbes, Umbigo and UP Magazine and has worked with brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Hola Beachwear, Infiniti group Nissan, Tag Heuer, Franck Muller, LG and Barclays.

With a strong technical background, he creates wonderful imagery and video with a great variety of styles, as well as clean commercial images and portrait photography revealing the attitudes and feelings of his models.

One of the highlights so far in his photographic career came in2010 when he won the prestigious Hasselblad Master award. In2019 he was nominated for European photographer of the year in two separate categories Portrait and Fashion.

João works continuously on his fine art photography: “The Portuguese Ginger Project” and “The Stages of Isolation” being his most recent work. These projects showcase both his artistic and technical skills and are a testament to his versatility and creativity as a professional photographer and artist.

João is a brand ambassador for various companies such as Fuji Film, Sandisk and G-technology to name a few; a Member of the Board of Director of APP Image as well as a member of the Board of the Federation of European Photographers (FEP)

Nov 8 - Joe Pobereskin
Joseph Pobereskin is an advertising, corporate and editorial photographer, known for his environmental portraits, scenic and industrial images. His commercial and editorial assignments have taken him around the world and have led to publication in more than 80 countries. He's also presented seminars in the Apple Pro Sessions series of workshops at the flagship Apple Stores in both New York City & Chicago.

Pobereskin was born in New York City and became interested in photography at age twelve. He studied photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and for eleven years thereafter apprenticed with some of New York's finest photographers, acquiring expertise in various disciplines. In addition to his work making images he's been very active in the photographic community. He was a principal founder and past President/Executive Director and member of Stock Artists Alliance, a trade association for producers of rights-managed stock photography. He's served as President of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers, Vice President of the Chicago/Midwest Chapter, and he's served on ASMP's National Board Of Directors. He's also a member of Creative Eye, a photographers' cooperative, the Chicago Creative Coalition, and the PLUS Coalition. 

Nov 22 - Art Wolfe
Over the course of his remarkable career, photographer Art Wolfe has worked on every continent and in hundreds of locations and his goal has always been to win support for conservation issues by “focusing on what’s beautiful on the Earth.” His photographs are recognized throughout the world for their mastery of color, composition and perspective. Wolfe's photographic mission is multi-faceted: art, wildlife advocacy, education, and journalism inform his work.

Hailed as “the most prolific and sensitive recorder of a rapidly vanishing natural world,” Wolfe’s work has appeared in the world’s top magazines, such as National Geographic, Smithsonian,Audubon, GEO, Stern, and Terre Sauvage.

In May 2007 Wolfe made his public television debut with the Canon- and Microsoft-sponsored, award-winning television series Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge, an intimate and upbeat series that offers insights on nature, culture, and the realm of digital photography. He was also featured in the 2015 Canon Australia/National Geographic Channel production Tales by Light, now streaming globally on Netflix.

Since his first publication in 1978, Wolfe has released over 100 books in all editions; 2014 saw the release of his magnum opusEarth is My Witness, this mega project features Wolfe's favorite photos taken so far and garnered international accolades and awards. His latest title is Night on Earth. Other award-winning titles include Human Canvas, Trees Between Earth and Heaven, and Wild Elephants.

Education is a major component of Wolfe’s work, whether it is about the environment or about photography. He leads photographic tours worldwide and online with Pathways toCreativity. Along with his numerous book and television awards, Wolfe is the proud recipient of the Nature's Best Photographer of the Year Award, the North American Nature Photography Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award and the Photographic Society of America’s Progress Medal. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, and a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. Wolfe maintains his office, stock agency, and production company in Seattle, Washington. 


Feb 28 -  Bob Kiss
The Photographic Incarnations of Bob Kiss

I have loved photography since I was 12 years old, during my education in high school and at RIT, my two decades as a fashion, advertising, and celebrity photographer, and through my last three decades as a fine art photographer! I have always been fascinated by the spectrum of creative possibilities in photography from absolutely unexpected and found images through carefully constructed photographs with intricate mise en scenes; from capturing the subtleties of natural light through carefully constructed lighting; from appreciation of the image to the sensory, concrete pleasure of the object of art.

From the beginning, the magic of capturing a slice of time and space to be viewed, meditated upon, and saved for the future, enchanted me! And my fascination with light led me to train and work in both photography and film making. As a career I chose photographing fashion, advertising, and celebrities because it is exciting, sexy, and lucrative. When I look at how political the fine art photography gallery scene can be, I feel no guilt whatsoever for my earlier work. It allowed me to afford excellent photographic gear and it taught me incredibly disciplined work habits! After a nearly fatal horse riding accident while shooting fashion in Brazil I decided to leave the fashion fast lane and move to Barbados where I met and married my wonderful wife Lisa. I had been curating and conserving a number photographic collections and a show by deceased, local photographers when my friend Jeff Rollins said “When you gonna show your own work?” So I began photographing everything that moved, fascinated, or interested me! I remember I was out extremely early one morning to catch the gorgeous dawn light and I felt guilty that I wasn’t making photographs for clients, for money; I realized I was applying all of my craft and creativity to my own artistic photography instead of to the marketing needs of the client. My wife and I had our first show together of her paintings and my fine art photographs in 1998 titled THE DANCE OF LIGHT. It sold very well. I was shocked, shocked I say, to realize I was earning more selling my fine art photographs than doing commercial photography! You could’ve bowled me over with a feather!

Though I’ve continued doing some commercial jobs when they pay well enough, my creative curiosity has led me to widely varied genres of personal, fine art photography. Regardless of your philosophy or religion, one cannot help but feel the wonder of finding the miraculous in the mundane, of representing it as a photograph, and of exercising the craft and creativity of making gorgeous, handmade, fine art, photographic prints. I also feel great joy in sharing my knowledge and experience with young people who are interested in photography, having taught photography and video production to well over 600 students, on and off over the nearly 30years that I’ve lived here in Barbados!


[email protected] (John Cornicello Photography) john cornicello photo conversations photographers Sun, 03 Dec 2023 17:18:45 GMT
Anatomy of a Studio Portrait (book) I am happy to announce that my book, Anatomy of a Studio Portrait, is now updated and expanded with 10 new pages and is available as a PDF file.

A printed version is available, too!

Studio Portrait book coverbook-coverAnatomy of a Studio Portrait by John Cornicello

In this book I take you through the thought processes and steps in preparing to make a studio portrait. Each chapter covers a step in the process. It starts with  knowing where your photo is going to be used and finishes with having your subject there before you and your camera. 

This is followed up by tips and tricks in the studio and finishes off with an extensive glossary of photographic terms.

“John has always been an encyclopedia of knowledge. When we pros have a question or need expertise, John is always our go-to!” -- Lindsay Adler, NYC Fashion Photographer & CreativeLive Instructor

Thank you to all my friends around the world for your support and encouragement. I hope that you find this new book both helpful and enjoyable to read. It takes in information from a long career in photography, starting with an excellent, but tough, college professor named Ed Scully, through my studio days in NY to my time helping out on CreativeLive, and to my current educational projects here in Seattle. 

If you have liked or been entertained by my comments as the guy in the background moving lights around on CreativeLive I think you will enjoy this book.

Thank you for taking a look!







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