My book, Anatomy of a Studio Portrait, is available from Amazon or you can purchase a PDF version.


In this book I take you through the thought processes and steps in preparing to make a studio portrait. Each chapter covers a step in the process. It starts with  knowing where your photo is going to be used and finishes with having your subject there before you and your camera. 

This is followed up by tips and tricks in the studio and finishes off with an extensive glossary of photographic terms.

“John has always been an encyclopedia of knowledge. When we pros have a question or need expertise, John is always our go-to!” -- Lindsay Adler, NYC Fashion Photographer & CreativeLive Instructor

Thank you to all my friends around the world for your support and encouragement. I hope that you find this new book both helpful and enjoyable to read. It takes in information from a long career in photography, starting with an excellent, but tough, college professor named Ed Scully, through my studio days in NY to my time helping out on CreativeLive, and to my current educational projects here in Seattle. 

If you have liked or been entertained by my comments as the guy in the background moving lights around on CreativeLive I think you will enjoy this book.

Thank you for taking a look!