A big THANKS to people I have worked with for providing these kind words...

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John - When I left tonight I was so exhausted not just physically but emotionally as well (something I had SO not anticipated). I was so overwhelmed I wasn't able to hug you goodbye. I had emotions that I still have not been able to put in place. I actually had to sit in the car and cry...not from sadness but coming from someplace else. I do know that you have made it so I could begin to look at myself differently...It is like a door unlocked in me tonight...leaving me with overwhelming but amazing feelings. Thank you for being a part of that experience. You were amazing. Words just stop in my throat but I can say THANK YOU! I will never forget what you have made possible for me.
--Chris G.

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"I love to work with John he is so much fun and I always get back great images. He knows how to make a shoot fun with silly props and ideas which always make for funny images. Not to often you find a photog that can get super awesome images and make the shoot fun at the same time. I always look forward to working with John when i'm in Seattle. His images are some of my best work on my port and i'll always keep them up." 
--Eleya M.


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"John Cornicello, is my all time favorite photographer. Not only for his fantastic skill behind the camera but also his ability to be playful while remaining professional. I've never felt more comfortable with another photographer, posing nude or dressed. Whether its underwater, fine art, portraits, performance, or maternity, John has put me at complete ease and delivered some of the best work I've ever seen. I now cannot imagine Seattle without him and I do see John as a part of my Seattle family."
--Tristen W.


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"John Cornicello is not only a highly skilled and creative photographer, he has the charm, grace, and maturity to make you comfortable expressing yourself in front of the camera. My session with him fulfilled my wish for gorgeous, sexy portraits that show me at my best!"
--Lisa E.


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" I always look forward to modeling for John because he is great at making a shoot fun.  It is easy to feel comfortable around him even from the first time you meet and work together.  On the other hand he is also exceedingly professional and always treats his models with the most respect."
--Audra P.

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"The experience of doing a pin-up shoot with John Cornicello was way more fun than I could have anticipated! We didn't really know each other, aside from a handful of casual conversations. His calm demeanor put me at ease right from the start. The nerves I felt were more the excited kind, anticipating the surprise when my husband sees the book of prints for our 10th wedding anniversary. He loves seeing my curves in lingerie (and bless him for that!), so this seemed like an appropriate way to give back to the man I adore. Because I love dressing up (or down as the case may be here) I enjoyed that part, but as an amateur model, I didn't know how to position my body for the camera, John had great suggestions of how to hold my arms, or place my feet, or look to the light, that really complimented my figure. The results didn't just impress the man in my life, but admittedly, I'm a little smitten with them too. It's a fabulous feeling to let go, and let a professional like John capture your essence and express whatever mood is true for you. It was such a rush, I kinda want to do it again...

"Who knew taking your clothes off in front of a near stranger could be THIS much fun!"
__Sheri H.


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"I'm ALWAYS amazed at how you are able to cultivate a relationship of trust with your subject so quickly, and then bring out the most spontaneous beauty in every situation (studio or out on the street)."
--Kim P. (my wonderful wife)