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January 09, 2024  •  1 Comment

Understanding is more important than memorization - Richard Feynman

This quote from Richard Feynman sums up my attitude about teaching photographic lighting. Unless there is a very specific look or effect you are going after, I don't see great value in the "put the light here" with no explanation of why. I want you to understand the whys and hows and then decide for yourself where to put the light to gain the effect(s) you desire. Understanding how light works will help you solve problems and come up with new ideas.

Over the years I created a few videos about lighting that are posted on Youtube. Here I have assembled a list and links to them. I hope you find them fun and educational.


Defining Soft Light (6:24):
How do you define soft light? Is it the lighting pattern? The shadow edges? The contrast? Let's look at each of these in this presentation.

Controlling highlights and hot spots (5:38):
Having trouble with blown out highlights? Catchlights in the eyes too bright and intense? Shadows too bright? You can control the specular highlights by bringing your lights in closer. Here is an explanation that goes along with my previous video about lighting misconceptions

Lighting Misconceptions (24:20):
Soft light, contrast, diffusion, hot spots, reflections. Oh my! Let's go over some of the basics of controlling light in the studio. 

Intro to Electronic Flash (34:41):
Basic introduction to electronic flash

Let there be dark (limiting light and controlling contrast) (38:41):
A presentation on using grids, snoots, barndoors, spotlights, and the like to add drama to studio photographs.

Diffusion Confusion (46:14):
Diffusion and soft light. A presentation on studio lighting and the use of diffusion on our lights. Covers diffusion, environmental fill, controlling hot spots and more.

Light Control (34:04):
Light control. Light quality. Soft light. Hard Light. Contrast. Direction. Distance. How do these all come together? This is a presentation I have given on the Properties of Light. Don't be afraid to go inside and work in a studio environment. My studio is my living room. An introduction to how light works, not where to place your lights. Let you, your mood, and your client inform the lighting, not the other way around.

Feathering the Light (3:58):
What does it mean to feather the light? What does feathering do to the light? Does feathering soften the light? Find out in this short video tutorial

What is Soft Light? (8:01):
What is soft light? How do we achieve it? John Cornicello talks about quality of light in this video clip.





Paul Lipari(non-registered)
That is dynamic lighting information - very comprehensive.
I like “Understanding is more important than memorization”, that’s me in a nutshell.
I’m very impressed - John.
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